Tree and Vegetation Clearance

We offer a complete nationwide service for all site tree and vegetation clearance requirements. With continued support from Woodhouse Plant all our plant and equipment can be delivered and maintained anywhere throughout the uk.

All our work is fully insured and carried out to all relevant British standards, recommendations and codes of practice. We are Local Authority Approved tree work Contractors.

We always go to great lengths in our site set up and clear up operation to ensure that all timber, branch wood and woodchip is removed off site ready for construction or ground work to begin.

Site Clearance Services

We offer:

Tree surgery/arboriculture- pruning, difficult or overhanging limb removal s, crown lifting- Often required at the start of a project to allow access for large vehicles to a site without damage to both trees and vehicles.

Whole tree removal
– felling of individual or groups of trees, sectional dismantles over sensitive areas or for ecology reasons, restricted access removals using rope lowering techniques or crane dismantles.

Stump grinding/ stump treatment- reducing tree stumps below ground level by grinder, complete removal or treatment with chemicals to prevent re-growth. Stumps removed can be transported offsite and reused to avoid contaminating topsoil.

Tree Planting- replacement planting following a clearance or construction project which is often stipulated in the planning approval of a development. We can arrange tree planting from bare root saplings to semi mature trees on completion of a development.

Timber and Brash transport- we can move the largest amounts of timber or brash on or off site. With support from Woodhouse Plant Engineers any usable timber can be transported offsite either in individual pieces or bulk loads. All transport and haulage can be arranged to order.

Brash chipping- we can chip onsite any quantity of wood material or brash for biomass, mulch or usable woodchips for landscaping onsite. Large amounts of brash can be stock piled on site and then using our specialist contractor AW Jenkinson in one operation it can be chipped in bulk into waiting vehicles to be transported off site for re use.

Mulching/ Flail mowing- ideal for heavily overgrown or densely vegetated sites. We can reduce large areas of scrub or vegetation quickly and efficiently using a range of equipment from pedestrian operated scag mowers to large tractor mounted flail and mulcher attachments.

Please call us on 01524 843568 or 07720 893634 or email to discuss your requirements.