Recycled Green Waste Products

At CATS we are committed to preserving our environment. We will recycle as much of our waste as possible, minimising the need to send waste to landfill.

We offer various mobile recycling services to enable cost effective recycling green waste at your own location. We produce the following recycled products;


Mulch helps suppress weeds and helps feed the top soil where it is placed enhancing plant growth. It also helps insulate roots from frost damage.

Clean woodchip

Clean woodchip is available to order. This is ideal for low maintenance footpaths, play areas or equine areas.

Biomass woodchip

We can produce woodchip for biomass and burning. Chip size can be altered to suit individual need. Large volumes of Biomass chip can be processed on site and transported directly off site in one operation using one of our specialist contractors, AW Jenkinson

Furniture Wood

We can supply or produce onsite a range of high quality hard and soft wood timber blocks suitable for furniture making and sculpting. We can turn the largest of logs into planks or blocks on site using our mobile timber mill or transport large timber off site to be processed elsewhere.

Seasoned Firewood

Any wood not suitable for other applications will be processed into firewood for re-sale. All wood will be well seasoned as per HETAS guidelines and can be delivered locally as either hardwood, softwood or mixed loads.

Onsite Mulching/Chipping

Where there is no requirement to transport produce off site, we can spread woodchip back into the surrounding area or mulch small branch wood and left over timber directly back into the ground using a tractor mounted mulcher. This saves the need for any additional transport cost but also can improve the soil quality of the remaining area.

Please call us on 01524 843568 or 07720 893634 or email to discuss your requirements.